Shoulder Arthritis Relief in West Bloomfield, MI

Shoulder Arthritis

Many people think of arthritis as an elderly affliction, but it’s also common among young people. Sports injuries, fractures, and dislocated shoulders are among the causes leading to arthritis.

Your shoulder has two primary joints. One is a ball and socket where the head of the upper arm meets the shoulder blade. The second joint is where the collarbone meets the top of the scapula.

In healthy shoulders, there is cartilage at the ends of the bones enabling movement without friction. Loss or damage to the cartilage results in these bones rubbing together. Shoulder arthritis isn’t only uncomfortable. It can become debilitating. You may also experience shoulder stiffness and weakness. Arthritis can lead to sleep loss as the condition worsens.

Chiropractic care helps relieve these problems. Michigan Chiropractic Specialists offers preventive treatments as well as healing and recuperative therapies. The techniques used also improve movement and increase your range of motion.

Your natural inflammatory process causes swelling that results in pain, stiffness, and other arthritis afflictions. Chiropractic treatments include: realigning the joints, massage therapy, and advanced techniques to relieve these lifestyle-limiting conditions. Michigan Chiropractic Specialists provides only the highest quality care using state-of-the-art chiropractic equipment and technology.

Treatment for Shoulder Arthritis

Your specific treatment for rehabilitation and pain relief may depend on the cause of your shoulder arthritis. Causes determining your best treatment might be injury, intense exercise, athletic activities, or labor-intensive work fatiguing the shoulder area. You’ll be assessed for the correct chiropractic treatment(s) from the many techniques available. Possible treatments include manual manipulation, joint adjustment, ultrasound, and/or low-level electrical stimulation.

Shoulders are among the most mobile joints in your body. Besides the bones, shoulders are composed of nerves, tendons, bursa (a fluid-filled sac countering friction), and other tissues that create pain when irritated. Without treatment, your condition and symptoms may worsen, and you could end up with a frozen shoulder. Whether you have an early stage or advanced shoulder arthritis, Michigan Chiropractic Specialists offers the relief you need.

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