Neck Pain Chiropractic Treatment in West Bloomfield, MI

Neck Pain

What is neck pain?

The neck constantly works to keep the head up and to allow it to move, so it is no surprise neck pain is a common complaint. It can manifest itself as a pain when turning one’s neck, muscle spasms, soreness or general discomfort leading to headaches.

And it is not just restricted to the neck; the pain will often affect the shoulder, upper and lower back and head. It can cause numbness and a tingling sensation that travels from the neck and shoulders down the arms and into the hands making it difficult to grip small objects or carry any weight.

Causes of neck pain

Common causes of neck pain include stress, poor posture, sitting slouching at a desk for several hours a day, and using handheld electronic devices that require you to look down or hold your head in unnatural angles for prolonged periods of time.

More traditional risks of developing neck pain include sports injuries, accidents, trauma to the upper torso, poor posture and poor sleeping positions. These can all result in misalignment of your neck and cause pain and discomfort.

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

What are your treatment options?

Many people will dismiss their neck pain as a transient problem that will work itself out, but the pain is a signal that something is not right with your body, so the first step to finding a solution should be to have a chiropractic evaluation. The chiropractor will explain their findings before starting your chiropractic treatment. They will also explain what improvements can be expected from the treatment.

Some people will see their doctors and ask for pain medication to be prescribed. While this is effective in the short term against the pain, it only treats the symptoms; properly administered chiropractic care will treat the causes and helps you remain pain-free without drugs.

Michigan Chiropractic Specialists will start by realigning your neck and your spine and then manipulating or massaging the muscles that are tense and are experiencing spasms, bringing you relief from pain.

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