Hamstring Muscle Injuries in West Bloomfield, MI

Hamstring Muscle Injuries

The Hamstrings are a vulnerable group of muscles especially susceptible to injury among athletes. Injury can vary in severity from minor to extreme. Most hamstring muscle injuries heal with the help of therapy and therapeutic treatments, but in severe cases, surgery may be required.

The Hamstring Muscles

The hamstring muscles are a group of three long muscles that run along the back of the thigh. Their origin is at the lower region of the buttocks and connects to the tibia and fibula in the lower part of the leg.

The primary functions of hamstring muscles are to flex, or bend, the knee. Their secondary function is to extend, or straighten, the hip. Hamstrings are most active during activities like climbing, running, and jumping, and minimally used during simpler activities like walking.

Hamstring Muscle Injuries

The most common injury affecting the hamstrings is muscle strains. A strain is when the muscle is stretched or asked to do an activity past its normal capacity resulting in microtears of the muscles. In rare cases, the hamstring muscle can completely rupture.

Symptoms of Hamstring Muscle Injury

Pain along the back of the thigh and feeling the need to stretch, are the primary symptoms of hamstring muscle injuries. This discomfort occurs during everyday walking and bending, seriously affecting your ability to live life and live it in health.

Hamstring muscle injuries also lead to pain in associated areas, like the lower back and knees.

hamstring muscle injury treatment


Chiropractic helps your nervous system for improved wellness and a better quality of life. In combination with other therapeutic services offered at Michigan Chiropractic Specialists, we will get you back to normal activity in no time.

Our hamstring muscle injuries treatments involve chiropractic adjustments, massage, electronic stimulation, ultrasound, and strengthening and stretching exercise programs.

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