Frozen Hip Treatment in West Bloomfield, MI

Your hips are the center of your body, both literally and figuratively. The hip joint is vital in walking, running, moving from a sitting to standing position, and just about any other movement you can imagine. When pain strikes one or both hips, even the slightest mobility can be excruciating. If that pain becomes chronic, you may be experiencing “Frozen Hip.” Fortunately, there is frozen hip treatment that can ease your pain, and at Michigan Chiropractic Specialists we can help you get back on your path to full mobility.

Frozen Hip Treatment

Causes and Symptoms

Known medically as Adhesive Capsulitis, frozen hip occurs when there is inflammation of the lining tissue of the hip. There is no singular cause for an occurrence of frozen hip. Your pain could be due to an injury or some other trauma. People with diabetes are also more prone to develop frozen hip.

The most common symptom of frozen hip is severe pain and loss of mobility of the hip. You may experience extreme discomfort while sitting in certain positions or find yourself unable to bend over to pick something up. Sleeping on your side may become uncomfortable. You may have difficulty driving a car or with recreational activities. It is vital to see your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms because if you try to “push through” the pain, the inflammation can worsen, causing your hip to lose all mobility. The joint will essentially lock up or “freeze.”


Because there are varied causes of frozen hip, diagnosis is based on your symptoms. A detailed history will be taken to determine the initial cause and severity of the injury. Depending on your age, your doctor may order a radiological study in the form of x-rays, CT or MRI scans. Frozen hip and arthritis are very similar, and the radiological scan can help eliminate arthritis as a cause of your pain so proper treatment can be recommended.

We Can Help

If you receive a diagnosis of frozen hip, there is a good chance the worst pain is already behind you and you are ready to start healing. Frozen hip treatment is simple and effective.

Frozen Hip

Once the freeze occurs, the joint needs to recover in order to regain mobility. You will need to avoid activities that may aggravate the injury, and get plenty of rest. As the inflammation begins to subside, our massage therapists can help rehabilitation by massaging the affected area to help further reduce inflammation.

They will also move your hip through a series of exercises designed to slowly increase the joint’s mobility without re-aggravating the tissue. Once full mobility is achieved, they can recommend simple stretching exercises that will keep your hips limber and allow you to stay fully mobile.

If you have hip pain, do not hesitate. It’s your life, live it in health, call us today for an appointment.