Frozen Hip Joint Treatment in West Bloomfield, MI

Many people suffer from a condition known as frozen hip joint. While it’s not the technical term, it accurately describes how the patient feels during the condition. The hip in incredibly stiff and movement is limited, if not very painful.

Medicines can only do so much, as the body must naturally heal the inflammation in the area. When the inflammation subsides, the pain goes away.

Frozen Hip Joint

One effective method for combating this condition is chiropractic frozen hip joint treatment. This method provides a treatment that’s easy on your hip joints, but also effective and free of negative side effects.

How does this chiropractic treatment work and what can you expect from it?

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment is different from typical medical procedures. It employs non-invasive methods to correct the body’s imbalances. Treatments take place over the course of several visits to allow your body to naturally heal itself.

Frozen Hip Joint Treatment

Frozen hip joint occurs in three stages. Starting with the painful stage, this is when the hip first begins to lose its range of motion. Some patients experience lots of pain, but the amount varies from individual to individual.

During stage two, your hip loses the range of movement you have, and you find it very difficult to complete normal, every-day tasks.

The last stage is the thawing stage, in which the movement slowly returns back to the area after treatment.

What Your Chiropractor Can Do

When your chiropractor tackles your frozen hip joint treatment, they have specific treatments for each stage.

These include icing and electrical therapy to reduce pain, massage therapy to reduce stiffness, and various stretching exercises and treatments to help improve your range of motion.

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