Failed Back Surgery Treatment Options in West Bloomfield, MI

Failed Back Surgery

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS) is a general term used to describe a condition in which patients of unsuccessful back or spinal surgeries experience continuous pain in the back and legs post-surgery.

FBSS can be perceived as a slightly misleading term as it is not an indicator of failure during surgery but used as a descriptor for issues that occur after. This affliction is most often correlated with a laminectomy, which is a surgical undertaking that removes part of the lamina bone.

Data shows that about one-fifth of patients will develop FBSS following their procedure and have increased chances of symptoms with repeated surgeries. Fortunately, there are treatments and remedies to help alleviate and possibly rectify such persistent issues.


FBSS has a wide range of symptoms, as surgical procedures in the back and spinal region can have unpredictable outcomes. The most frequent symptom is a chronic pain in the back — either on or around the operated area– that extends down through the legs. Individuals who suffer from this symptom may also experience spasms near or on the surgical site. Patients suffering from this syndrome may also experience slower rates of recovery or in the worst cases may be unable to recover at all. Other symptoms may also include the individual losing flexibility and mobility due to severe pain.

Failed Back Surgery Treatment

Treatment for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Treatment options for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome include chiropractic care, medication, and physical therapy. To immediately alleviate any pain being experienced during the time of treatment, your doctor will prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain medication (NSAID), such as aspirin or ibuprofen. For those experiencing severe pain, in which NSAID medications will not have a significant effect, an injectable type of medication may become necessary.

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