Contact Reflex Analysis in West Bloomfield, MI

Energy continuously flows through our body. However, this free flow of energy can get blocked by nutritional deficiencies and physical factors. Once this occurs, you begin to feel out of balance and might feel weak or suffer from continuous pain.

If you experience any of these symptoms, then it might be prudent to consider contact reflex analysis as a viable solution.

Reflex Analysis

Why Contact Reflex Analysis?

We need to maintain optimum health to complete daily activities with peak performance. However, due to fatigue, we often find ourselves lagging. Sometimes, we feel out of balance and unable to keep up with the demands of our daily lives. Contact reflex analysis serves as a practical solution to identifying underlying issues that might be causing our lack of energy.

It provides in-depth analysis by tracing the path energy takes through your body and identifying potential issues that block the flow of that energy. It helps you discover the cause of your afflictions, so you can take informed steps to address any problems thoroughly rather just than treating or masking symptoms.

Chiropractic Specialists

How We Can Help You

Michigan Chiropractic Specialists offers contact reflex analysis as one of the services we provide to the community we serve in West Bloomfield. Our team of top-notch chiropractors uses this technique to gauge your medical condition accurately and provide targeted care.

Our natural and non-invasive technique allows us to determine what your body needs to restore your energy balance.

To detect energy blockages in your body, one our skilled chiropractors touches a pressure point on one of your hands and then tests the other extended hand for an active reflex.

Using the data from our test, our team identifies underlying problems caused by nutritional deficiencies or other health issues. We can recommend a suitable course of action once we’ve accurately diagnosed your condition through contact reflex analysis.

Chiropractic helps your nervous system for improved wellness and a better quality of life. Why not let us help you by calling and making an appointment.