Birth Trauma Treatment in West Bloomfield, MI

Birth Trauma

What is birth trauma?

Birth trauma is the term used to describe injuries that are sustained by a newborn during labor or the delivery. These injuries can occur in several different kinds of cases: if it’s the mothers first child and her pelvic muscles are stiff, if the child doesn’t enter the birth canal head first, when infants are larger than average or have an insufficient amount of amniotic fluid. Cephalopelvic disproportion (CPD) is a case where birth trauma can occur as well, and it’s when the child’s head is too large to pass through the pelvis.

What causes these injuries?

Deliveries that end with birth trauma involve the doctors using their hands, forceps, or vacuums to aid in the childbirth. Though these methods are helpful, especially when a newborn is born feet first, they can also cause severe injuries. During birth, the mother is in a horizontal position and has to rely on her pelvic muscles and the doctors to give birth. Without the pull of gravity on their side, both parties have to use force to help.

What are some of the types of injuries?

The most common injuries during childbirth affect a baby’s neck, head, and shoulders, and this is because babies are generally born head first. These parts of the body are what the doctors use to pull the rest of the baby out. Some injuries an infant may sustain during childbirth are bone fractures, spinal misalignment, cephalohematoma, which are cases in which blood collects under the skull bone, and caput succedaneum, where there is swelling of the scalp. Both cephalohematoma and caput succedaneum are non-life-threatening, and the injuries heal on their own without any issue, whereas bone fractures and spinal misalignment are incidents where intervention is required.

Birth Trauma Treatment

Birth Trauma Treatment

It’s important to have your child evaluated for spinal misalignments, as sometimes the symptoms or telltale signs may not show the first few years. Chiropractors can help with birth trauma treatment by conducting spinal adjustments early in your child’s life to avoid issues later.

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