Birth Trauma Treatment in West Bloomfield, MI

Birth Trauma Treatment

Birth trauma can be very individual to the mothers and children who experience it; it can mean a physical or emotional injury. For some mothers, this could include a long labor, the use of forceps or vacuum, an episiotomy, or the baby in an unusual position (such as breech or shoulder dystocia). As a result of the traumatic birth, this can cause the mother to experience post-traumatic stress, the mother may experience postnatal depression, and this could impact upon milk production, and the bond between mother and child. As a result of birth trauma, children may experience Erb’s Duchenne Palsy, which is a trauma injury damaging the neck nerves.

The use of forceps or a vacuum

If forceps or a vacuum are used, this can cause the child trauma to its nerves in its neck or head. A chiropractor can assist you with birth trauma treatment. A chiropractor may be able to reduce the extent of any birth trauma, which can enable you and your child to have alignment in your body and improve life quality. If these issues aren’t resolved swiftly after birth, these could lead to chronic problems later down the line.

Newborn chiropractic checks

It is worth getting your newborn baby checked by a chiropractor to ensure your baby has not experienced any birth trauma you’re unaware of, for example making sure there are no spinal misalignments where the spine or pelvis has been pulled or twisted during birth; or neck nerve damage, which could cause issues in later life.

Birth trauma can contribute to colic, immune system problems, ear infections, paralysis, and asthma. Having birth trauma treatment for your child can ensure they develop and thrive, and many conditions can be reduced or entirely reversed.

Newborn chiropractic checks

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