Work Injury Treatment in Garden City, MI

If you suffered an injury or had an accident at work, you suffer from what is known as a work injury. Work injuries involve major costs for both individuals and businesses.

These injuries can interfere with your ability to perform adequately at work, possibly resulting in a loss of income or even a loss of employment. Being injured at work can also cause physical limitations that prevent you from advancing further in your career or leading a healthy, productive life.

If you’ve been injured while working, either at your place of employment or elsewhere, it’s important to seek work injury treatment right away before it causes even more damage.

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Complications Associated with Work Injuries

Being injured at work can result in serious long-term and short-term consequences. These injuries can limit your ability to perform your job safely and comfortably and can even prevent you from returning to work entirely. If your injuries are not properly treated, they will continue to worsen and can ultimately result in permanent physical and psychological damage.

The most common work injuries are those to the back and neck that cause swelling, pain, tenderness, and weakness in the affected area. Workplace conditions can also cause Tendonitis, chronic headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other forms of physical trauma.

Routinely performing repetitive movements places stress on ligaments and joints, which is why factory workers and manual laborers are especially prone to work injuries. Unsafe work environments can lead to dangerous slips and falls. Improper workplace practices, like failing to wear adequate protective gear, are also hazards that increase your risk of being injured at work.

Office workers can sustain injuries to the back and neck due to poor posture or faulty office furniture. Although preventative measures can help reduce the risk of workplace injuries, some accidents simply cannot be avoided.

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Treatment for Work Injuries

The nature and severity of work injuries vary greatly, and so do the symptoms and treatments. In many cases, these injuries develop slowly over time. The chiropractic approach to work injury treatment is highly effective because as a patient, you will receive personalized care tailored to your individual needs. Possible treatments include massage therapy to promote soft tissue rehabilitation, manual spinal adjustments, and stretching and strengthening exercises designed to improve your range of motion.

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