Trigger Point Massage Therapy in Garden City, MI

Trigger Point Massage Therapy

A trigger point, which is also known as a myofascial point, is stiffness and tightness that causes pain in the muscles of the body. The best way to relieve a trigger point is through trigger point massage therapy. A trigger point, or myofascial point, can be caused by overuse of specific muscles, stress or injury. The severity varies and can gradually increase and worsen over time.

A myofascial point presents as a tightening in the muscle that can be felt as a knot when rubbed. It presents as a persistent pain that is aggravated by movement and can even disrupt sleeping patterns.

Causes of trigger points

While each individual varies, it is very likely everyone will experience some discomfort that is muscle related. Overexertion of a particular muscle can cause a trigger point. This can occur during work, sports or constant strain on a muscle. This strain can even be caused by improper posture. Stress can cause trigger points due to the continuous tightening of muscles. Injury to muscles can also cause trigger points.

Treatment options

There are many ways to treat myofascial points, and the effectiveness of each treatment varies. There is a variety of medication that can be used for treatment such as muscle relaxers and pain medication which are pharmaceutical remedies for pain management. While these are effective, they only relieve pain and do not treat the source of the pain. External heating pads can also be used to alleviate pain.

The best treatment and cure is trigger point massage therapy. Medication only allows you to treat the pain caused by a trigger point, which is a symptom or a by-product of the actual problem. Heating pads also only treat the pain related to a trigger point. Massage therapy, on the other hand, directly pinpoints the source of the pain and with exact movements, the trigger point is gently yet firmly massaged out of the muscle. This allows you to move freely with little to no pain and typically provides instant relief.