Spinal Traction Therapy in Garden City, MI

Whether it’s the result of aging or injury or overuse, our spine can become compressed. ­A compressed spine leads to a variety of painful and sometimes serious health issues. Spinal traction therapy, applied either manually or mechanically, can decompress and relieve pressure on the spine. Treatment reduces the pain and discomfort the compression is causing.

Spinal Traction

What Are Compressed Discs?

We have discs between the vertebra of our spine that act as cushions or shock absorbers. Compressed disc occurs due to natural degeneration of discs as we age, repetitive motion of manual labor, contact sports, poor posture, or being overweight. Sometimes the hard outer shell of the disc cracks under pressure, causing the spongy inner layer to spill out. This injury presses the nerves that run down the spinal column.

Because of the pressure on the nerves, the compressed or herniated discs can cause pain and discomfort. If untreated, it may lead to permanent nerve damage.

What Is Spinal Traction?

A spinal traction is a form of decompression therapy that stretches the spine back to its healthy position, creating space between the vertebra. The straightening of the spine reverses the force of gravity and prompts the body to heal itself.

Your chiropractor will apply traction either manually, gently stretching the spine with his or her hands, or through the use of a special chiropractic table that has a series of ropes, slings, and pulleys.

Spinal Traction Therapy

What Are the Conditions Treated With Spinal Traction?

Spinal traction therapy helps to relieve the pain and discomfort of a slipped or herniated disc, bone spurs, and sciatica. It is also effective for degenerative disc disease, facet disease, spinal stenosis, and pinched nerves.

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