Shoulder Arthritis in Garden City, MI

While not the most prevalent form of arthritis, shoulder arthritis is more common than many people believe. It’s estimated that almost 1 in every 3 people in the United States over 60 years old have some form of shoulder arthritis. Arthritis in any part of the body is simply inflammation of one or more joints. In the case of shoulder arthritis, inflammation in the shoulder usually causes moderate pain and stiffness that can range from very slight to severe, causing the loss of range of motion.

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Frozen Shoulder or Shoulder Arthritis?

These two types of shoulder disabilities display the similar symptom of shoulder stiffness. However, unlike in the case of shoulder arthritis, someone with frozen shoulder will have normal joint surfaces where the motion is restricted due to the tissue surrounding the joint and not the joint itself. This restricts movement and causes difficulty with dressing oneself and other commons tasks that require above-the-head arm movement. On the other hand, those with shoulder arthritis will experience a grinding feeling when trying to move the shoulder.

Pain Caused by Shoulder Arthritis

The pain caused by your shoulder arthritis may be centered around the back of the shoulder, the top of the shoulder, around the side of the neck, or throughout the entire shoulder. As shoulder arthritis left untreated gets worse, patients often report pain during the night causing trouble sleeping.

Treatment of Shoulder Arthritis

There are two types of treatments: nonsurgical and surgical treatment. The former involves rest, physical therapy and exercises, anti-inflammatory measures, and hot or cold packs. Most of these treatments can be carried out in your home utilizing over-the-counter drugs and solutions. Even if you are performing home-remedies, you should consult one of our chiropractors specializing in your condition to ensure those remedies are okay to use.

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