Sciatica Pain Treatment in Garden City, MI

The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body that runs from the bottom of the spine and down through the buttocks and each leg. This nerve controls both feeling and motion throughout the lower spine, pelvis, buttocks, and legs, which means damage or pain associated with this nerve can cause excruciating pain and possibly prohibit movement and mobility.


Sciatica can be caused by general nerve dysfunction, by a degenerative spine condition that often takes the form of a “slipped disc” or other abnormality associated with the sciatic nerve, or other localized injuries. Symptoms associated with sciatica involve numbness or tingling (either localized to a general area or running up the affected side of the body), lower back pain, radiating pain throughout the areas of the body controlled by the sciatic nerve, a dull aching feeling, muscle or joint stiffness, or other such limitations due to decreased mobility and/or muscle pain.

The severity of sciatic nerve pain varies between individuals and is largely based on the specific cause of the nerve dysfunction. Depending on the severity, you may feel as if you are hurting, but still able to move around normally, or you may be unable to stand or sit without extreme pain and difficulty. Pinpointing the source of your pain is the first step in determining the proper sciatica pain treatment plan to help you resume a normal, pain-free life.


Chiropractors are particularly skilled at treating and resolving sciatic nerve pain since the nerve is located on the spine. Using gentle manipulation and spinal adjustments, a chiropractor can bring your spine back into balance and ease the source of your sciatica. Chiropractic treatments can also include manual manipulation of your body for stretching exercises and deep tissue massage.

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