Pressure Point Therapy in Garden City, MI

If you are interested in pressure point therapy, you are looking in the right place. The Michigan Chiropractic Specialists pride ourselves on properly targeting and releasing pressure points to relieve pain, stress, and tension throughout your body.

Pressure Point Specialists

What is pressure point therapy?

Pressure point therapy works by activating different pressure points to help relieve pressure. This process works most often through massage, but it is also part of hands-on alignment and trigger point therapy.

When pressure is applied to different points of the body, the muscles are often encouraged to do extra work. This extra work eventually softens and calms the muscles, in turn leading to improved blood flow and relaxed tissue.

Why pressure point therapy?

Once your pressure points have been activated, your blood flow increases and the tissue in the surrounding area relaxes. This leads to pain relief and stress reduction. Pressure point therapy can help induce both healing and calm. The process fights inflammation and invigorates your body.

Pressure Point Therapy

When should I seek pressure point therapy?

Pressure point therapy is often part of your chiropractic care processes. Your chiropractic care specialist can help identify any pain you may be feeling and help create customized pressure points to target during your care. These pressure points might be activated during massage therapy or other methods, such as trigger point therapy, designed to help reduce pain.

If you are not feeling specific pain, pressure point therapy can help to reduce your stress levels and is most often used during massage therapy. Your specialist can also show you different techniques to introduce stress-relieving methods throughout your day.

If you feel tense, stressed, or in pain, you should seek treatment as quickly as is feasible for you. The sooner you ask for help, the sooner you can start feeling better. Our specialists are passionate about helping you live your life pain-free and can show you ways to help reduce pain and stress as simply as possible.

Chiropractic helps your nervous system for improved wellness and a better quality of life. Why not let us help you by calling and making an appointment?