Neck Pain Chiropractic Treatment in Garden City, MI

Anyone who has ever experienced neck pain knows just how uncomfortable it can be. Whether you have chronic neck pain or neck pain that has only appeared recently, neck pain can cause a decrease in your quality of life and general comfort as well as make it more difficult to sleep at night.

Many people go to their physician for initial advice and treatment for their neck pain and may be prescribed drugs or advised to apply heat, cold, and seek the services of a licensed physiotherapist. This is sometimes enough to treat the pain they are experiencing in the short term.

However, many other people have pain that is unrelieved by these measures and seek
neck pain chiropractic treatment by a qualified chiropractor to help them alleviate pain in the neck and upper back, promote comfort and make it easier to engage in a wide range of activities pain-free.

Neck Pain

Why Chiropractic Care Is the Solution for Neck Pain

Many people go for months or years without realizing the pain in their neck that they are experiencing is not healthy. It may only be when they see their chiropractor for neck pain chiropractic treatment they find out there is a major problem.

Chiropractors are the ideal health professional to treat back and neck pain because they are the only profession that specializes exclusively in the care and treatment of the spine and the related bones and nerves.

Chiropractic adjustment involves manual adjustments of small misalignments of the spine, called subluxations. This promotes better innervation of the tissues for pain reduction and optimal health. Often other elements of holistic health are also incorporated, such as massage and physical therapy exercises.

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