Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy


Almost everyone experiences muscle aches or discomfort. Myofascial pain is a continuous pain and can exacerbate over time. Myofascial is composed of muscle and the surrounding connective tissue. A strain or injury on the muscle and connective tissue from recurring stress can cause myofascial pain and trigger points.

Trigger points, or sensitive contracted areas in your muscles can be very painful and debilitating. Myofascial pain syndrome is a collection of these tender trigger points throughout your body. These areas can experience a burning or prickly pain and even weakness. Additionally, trigger points can work three-fold by causing, complicating, and mimicking pain issues. Trigger points can worsen other conditions, and be easily mistaken for another issue such as a toothache. They can also create referred pain, so that a trigger point in one area can generate pain in an additional location. For example, muscle pain from a trigger point in your back or neck can cause headaches. The trigger point is the primary source that needs to be treated to heal a headache and other symptoms.

What is Trigger Point Therapy?

The technique for treating myofascial pain syndrome is Trigger Point Therapy, which targets the contracted muscle by undoing the locked area. While this therapy can easily be done with a single trigger point, treatment for the all the pain caused by the myofascial condition can be difficult. Trigger Point Therapy uses pressure from a finger or other device on the trigger point to increase the stress on the contracted muscle. This pressure causes the trigger point relief as the muscle softens. After the trigger point is treated, the muscle must be put through a full range of motion to maintain movement.

What Conditions Does It Treat?

This Trigger Point Therapy technique is used to treat myofascial pain syndrome, which is a chronic pain disorder. Pain relief can be felt after the first treatment, but some patients may need several visits to feel the effects. Soreness and fatigue are common feelings after therapy while the muscles regain their balance. Trigger Point Therapy treats specific areas of the muscle to lessen or fully eliminate pain. Mobility, strength, and flexibility can also increase as a result of treatment. With less pain and more mobility, you can eliminate difficult nights of sleep or the use of medication. While Trigger Point Therapy specifically targets areas of pain to relieve those who suffer from myofascial pain syndrome, it can also improve your overall quality of life.

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