Muscle Inflexibility in Garden City, MI

Muscle inflexibility can lead to a myriad of issues from lower back pain, muscle strains, and postural issues. Chiropractic for muscle inflexibility helps your nervous system for improved wellness and a better quality of life.


Muscles are in charge of your bodies’ every move. There are around 650 skeletal muscles in the human body and if any of these muscles have a decreased range of motion structural problems occur.

Muscle Injuries

Muscle Inflexibility

Injuries as the result of muscle inflexibility vary depending on your lifestyle. When you do computer work multiple hours a day with improper posture a decrease in mobility occurs as a result of tension and lack of use.

Athletes who do not perform pre-workout warm-ups and stretch after physical activity is at risk for muscle inflexibility. Without proper pre- and post-workout plans, excessive stress is placed on the muscles resulting in strains, tears, and tendonitis.

Muscles that are more susceptible to inflexibility include the hamstrings, quadriceps, calf muscles, and the muscles surrounding the shoulders.

What Factors Affect Flexibility

Some individuals are less flexible than others. It depends on the structural composition of your body and your natural levels of muscle tone. Each individual requires a different plan for muscle inflexibility treatment catered specifically to their needs.

Muscle Inflexibility Treatment

Firstly, our specialists will run tests to see where the root of your muscle inflexibility lies. They will provide you will a stretching plan to regain range of motion and give strengthening exercises to correct muscle imbalances caused by inflexibility.

Massage will naturally loosen up the muscles by increasing blood flow promoting an increase in mobility. Muscle inflexibility as the result of postural issues is corrected with chiropractic adjustments.

Let Drs. Adam and Amanda Apfelblat help bring you better health and a better way of life through chiropractic wellness care. Call and make an appointment today to treat your muscle inflexibility.