Impingement Syndrome Treatment in Garden City, MI

Impingement Syndrome

If you experience pain when swimming, lifting, painting, or playing tennis, you may need impingement syndrome treatment.

Impingement syndrome is commonly found in the shoulder and effects everyday activities that involve lifting the hands above your head. We use our shoulders for an array of activities, so any type of shoulder pain seriously affects your quality of life.

What is Impingement Syndrome?

This syndrome occurs when the bursa or tiny fluid-filled sacs within your joints, and tendons are irritated.

Irritation leads to inflammation, therefore, creating pain and limiting the range of motion.


Symptoms that require impingement syndrome treatment include weakness in the shoulder, pain when lifting arms, and difficulty reaching behind the back. Impingement syndrome pain is also normally accompanied by joint stiffness.

Pain is dull and lasts long periods of time and may affect your ability to sleep soundly. In some cases, a popping or grinding sound can be heard during movement.

If left untreated impingement syndrome can lead to rotator cuff injuries and injury to the biceps muscles.


Impingement syndrome treatment involves heat therapy and gently stretching the affected area to help regain mobility. Your specialist will ask you to avoid repetitive movements to aid the healing process and may recommend the use of anti-inflammatory medications.

Additional pain-relieving therapies include the use of massage, ultrasound, and electronic stimulation. If muscle imbalances are affecting your joint function strengthening exercises may be added to your impingement syndrome treatment plan.

Chiropractic adjustments will realign your posture, helping the nervous system for improved wellness and a better quality of life.

Do not let impingement get in the way of you living your life normally, call Michigan Chiropractic Specialists to book your appointment for impingement syndrome treatment today.