Heal Neck Pain Naturally in Garden City, MI

The neck has many functions such as supporting the head and housing arteries that supply blood to the brain. Our neck also moves in different directions and is quite flexible. However, this also makes our neck more susceptible to injuries such as muscle strain, whiplash, and more. Neck pain can be debilitating and affect your day-to-day routine. If you experience discomfort in your neck, it’s important to seek a chiropractor and heal neck pain naturally.

Neck Pain

Treatments for Neck Pain

As there are many different causes of neck pain, your chiropractor needs to further assess the situation before prescribing the best solution. Your chiropractor goes through your medical history, conduct a physical examination, and may refer you for diagnostic imaging such as an X-ray or MRI.

Manual Therapies

The common therapy for neck pain relief is chiropractic adjustment. This involves correcting misalignments or joint restrictions in the spine and other parts of the body. In turn, this reduces inflammation and improves the function of the affected joint and the nervous system. With increased joint mobility, your nervous system function and spinal health may improve, which may alleviate pain in the neck.

A therapeutic massage is also a form of manual therapy your chiropractor may use. Therapeutic massages, combined with trigger point therapy, help to relax any tense muscles in the body. Your chiropractor may focus on specific points in your muscle to relieve any tightness or pain.

Other Therapies

Your chiropractor may also teach you some rehabilitative exercises you can continue to do at home. These exercises may help to increase mobility in your neck, which helps speed up recovery.

An ultrasound can also be conducted to help with stiffness in your neck. Sound waves reach deep into the tissues of your muscles. The heat and increased blood flow can help relieve inflammation and pain, accelerate tissue healing, and enable a greater range of motion.

Treatments for Neck Pain

How We Can Help

Chiropractic treatment is an ideal way to help relieve swelling and discomfort caused by neck pain. It helps provide patients with neck pain a non-invasive, safe and non-addictive alternative to prescribed or over-the-counter pain medications. We are committed to providing our patients with the best care and solution to their pain.

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