Cox Technique Chiropractors in Garden City, MI

Cox Technique is for anyone desiring non-surgical care to relieve lower back or leg pain from spinal conditions. It involves spinal manipulation and spinal decompression that helps the spine heal naturally and is based on a rich history of research, both clinical and biomechanical.

Cox Technique

Dr. James Cox developed his Cox Decompression Adjustment and Manipulation Technique (Cox Technique) based on a deep understanding of the biomechanics of the lumbar spine and the causes of lower back pain.

Dr. Cox discovered two basic causes of lower back pain – the discs and the facet joints – and found that microscopic tears to the discs can result from repetitive activities such as bending and lifting.

Extensive research in Cox Technique has been conducted through clinical case reports from individual chiropractors to large-scale biomechanical studies and randomized clinical trials.

Cox Technique chiropractors use a specially-designed table and then treat patients with hands-on decompression through gentle stretching or traction. It can ease pain caused by sprains and strains, sciatica, or spinal stenosis due to disc degeneration or spinal cysts. Pregnant patients with back and leg pain, post-surgical patients with chronic pain, neck, and arm pain patients, and patients who suffer back and leg pain also find relief with this type of treatment.

Cox Technique

The combination of the adjustment of the table and gentle pressure that decompresses the spinal column and restores spinal joins to their proper alignment and range of motion. The special table can be adjusted to neutralize the effects of gravity.

Cox Technique movements are repetitive and slow, without any quick thrusts or major pressure. The technique has been found to reduce pressure within the disc, widen the spinal canal, improve range of motion in spinal joints, and in the shoulders, arms, and legs, improve posture, improve circulation, improve nerve communication, and reduce pressure on spinal nerves.

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