Neck Pain


Your neck is a complex part of the spine, and it does a lot of work. Among other things, it supports your head throughout your day, which means it is constantly carrying a 10-pound weight around, holding it at different angles.

Since people are addicted to their devices, constantly holding their heads at odd angles. They look down at their phones while walking down the street, they hunch forward as they type at their desks all day long, and they end the day lounging in front of the television.

What is Neck Pain?

Nearly everyone has experienced some form of neck pain. Sometimes people struggle with pain when they try to turn their heads from side to side. Other times they experience a general discomfort, or they have muscle spasms.

Neck pain doesn’t just happen in your neck, though. Neck problems can affect how the muscle in your neck, back, and head function leading to a myriad of problems. Neck pain can cause an increased number of headaches and more severe headaches. It can cause back and shoulder pain, too.

Neck pain is not normal. It happens when something is wrong. When you experience neck pain, visit your chiropractor for an evaluation.

The Causes of Neck Pain

Stress is a common cause of neck pain because many people carry their stress in their shoulder muscles. When they get stressed, those muscles tense until they can cause neck pain. Stress also floods your body with chemicals that are great for short-term survival situations, but they can hurt your body when they are present long-term.

Poor posture also causes neck pain. Computers, smartphones, tablets, and all our other devices cause people to lean forward. This pushes the neck out of its proper alignment and can cause neck problems that require chiropractic treatment. Another kind of posture-related cause for neck pain is a poor sleeping position.

Injury can also cause neck pain. Car accidents commonly cause whiplash and can bring about long-term neck pain without treatment. Sports injuries, especially for football players, can cause neck pain, too.

The Treatment of Neck Pain

Many doctors will prescribe medication to treat neck pain like muscle relaxants or pain medication. These treatments, while effective at reducing pain, will not treat the underlying causes. Chiropractic care finds the cause and treats that.

Your neck is the upper portion of the spine. Proper neck treatment always includes some sort of spinal adjustment. When the neck and back are not aligned properly, treating any other neck problems will not give lasting relief. Neck and back alignment are the beginning of any treatment plan for neck pain.

You chiropractor will also manipulate the muscles in your upper back, neck, and head. When you have neck pain, the muscles work harder, and they can spasm, making the problem worse. Massage, stretching, and strength exercises can loosen tight muscles and prevent the pain from returning.

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