Arm and Leg Pain


Experiencing painful, shooting sensations down your leg? Bothered by a painful, tingling feeling in your arm that just doesn’t go away? Arm and leg pain is a common condition which has multiple causes. Most frequently, the spine and the neck are the main culprits in the pain you are feeling in your arms and legs.

What is Arm and Leg Pain?

If you are experiencing recurrent arm and leg pain, it is important to pay attention to your symptoms to determine the cause. A variety of conditions causes pain in the arms and legs. This type of pain is a warning sign which must not be ignored. Oftentimes arm and leg pain originate in the spine. If a neck or spine nerve is injured or irritated, it can cause pain in the arms and legs until it is treated. Therapy to the neck and back area, and treatment to align the spine often resolve any arm and leg pain.

The Causes of Arm and Leg Pain

Neuropathy, or nerve pain, is one of the most common causes of arm and leg pain. When nerves are injured in the central or peripheral nervous system, the result is often a pain in the limbs. Spinal disorders are the most common form of this type of neuropathy. If the arm or leg was physically injured, you would likely recall the source of the injury, and treatment would be based on that. In most cases, arm pain originates from a problem with the cervical zone of your spine. Leg pain is often associated with your lower back. Sometimes nerves in the neck are compressed by bones or muscles. Pinched nerves in the back cause pain to shoot down the buttocks and thighs to the legs and feet. Misalignment of the vertebrae in the neck and lower back also causes arm and leg pain.

The Symptoms of Arm and Leg Pain

When you experience arm and/or leg pain which interferes with your daily activities, you are probably experiencing a form of neuropathy. If the pain is accompanied by numbness, or a tingling sensation, or it has lasted for a prolonged period of six or more weeks, it is likely a condition related to your spine. Not everyone suffers from all symptoms, but often a severe pain or sensitivity and a shooting sensation can be felt in the arms and legs. When the spine is the cause of the discomfort, the pain travels all along the arm or leg.

The Treatment of Arm and Leg Pain

Chiropractic care of arm and leg pain focuses on determining the origin of the pain and treating the cause. If the pain is caused by a compressed or pinched nerve, treatment is focused on reducing or eliminating the compression and providing relief to the affected nerve. Chiropractors can ensure the bones of the spine are properly aligned to restore the spinal nerve root to health. When these adjustments are made, usually the arm and leg pain is fully resolved.

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