Why Exercise is Essential for Back Pain Relief

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Back pain affects up to 80% of the population, and if left unattended the condition can lead to long-term chronic health and pain issues. Back pain can be caused due to a number of different reasons, and the severity ranges from a mild (acute) pain that is manageable to extreme (chronic) back pain that can impact daily lives. Many people seek out back pain doctors to help diagnose and address their pain using a variety of techniques and medications.

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What causes back pain?

A common cause of back pain in modern times is due to poor posture, especially with large amounts of people completing daily tasks sitting down in front of a computer or hunched over staring at a phone or tablet device for long periods of time. A poor desk and chair set up at work or home can slowly lead to poor posture which can have huge impacts on your back and other parts of the body. Continuing this can have a detrimental effect on your back and can lead to chronic pain.

Another cause of back pain is from injury, which could be anything from sports to workplace injuries, especially if you are often lifting and moving heavy items. Similarly, leaving injuries and pain unattended can lead to a worsening of back pain and further issues.

It is common to have lower back pain, although, it can affect any area of your back. If you do have any severity of back pain, it is recommended to seek out specialist back pain doctors to assist with diagnosis and treatment.

How can exercise help?

A great way to deal with back pain is exercise! Many people will steer clear of exercise when they have a sore back, and instead, choose to stay immobile until the pain goes away. This can lead to a stiffening and worsening of the condition in the short and long term. Exercise and stretching, if done correctly and with assistance from a professional, like back pain doctors, can help strengthen your back and other muscles as well as promote movement in the body and alignment which can help reduce the pain and reduce the likelihood of the condition returning or having chronic issues. Just make sure you seek out professional advice first, as doing the wrong exercise can worsen the condition.

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Promoting movement and stretching of your back can vastly reduce your healing time, and has the added benefit of being great for your overall health. One of the major causes of back pain is due to obesity, with your back and other body parts carrying excessive weight daily which can cause strain and tension on your body.

Encouraging the right type of exercises is essential for any back pain treatment methods and long-term health, as strengthening your muscles can help take the pressure off your bones and tendons.

Another great benefit to exercise is the release of endorphins with physical movement, which are known to be a natural pain reliever. This is a great way to boost your mood and reduce the pain without having to resort to painkiller medications, which can often have the opposite effect.

Back pain doesn’t have to impact your life and taking the right measures to avoid pain and relieve it when it does occur can be as simple as seeking out help and doing some exercise.