Pins and Needles in the Arm? Chiropractic Can Help

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Everyone experiences pins and needles from time to time, but it is not unheard of for the condition to strike daily. The most common cause of ongoing pins and needles is arm pain syndrome, which can be effectively managed with arm neuropathy treatment administered by your chiropractor.

What causes pins and needles?

Pins and needles is an uncomfortable but temporary sensation caused by positioning the body in a way that is unnatural and sustaining that period for a length of time long enough to pinch a nerve. It easy to resolve in most cases by simply changing your position.

If your pins and needles appear without cause or aren’t resolved by changing your position, then it is an indication part of your upper body is out of alignment, which requires medical care.

What is the cause of arm pain syndrome?

The cause of arm pain syndrome is simply unidentified nerve impingement but determining the exact cause can be difficult.

This is because the human body is a complex structure, with a system of nerves running from the base of the neck and flowing through the upper shoulders, which provides the arms, fingers shoulders and hands with the ability to do their jobs.

Because of this intricate network, it is hard to determine the root cause of the nerve issue, which is why seeing an expert diagnostic professional, such as a chiropractor, is important.

The cause of your pain may appear in a location entirely different to the site of your pain but dealing with the root cause is the only way to eradicate pins and needles from your everyday life.

Typical management of arm pain syndrome

Ongoing pins and needles are symptomatic of arm pain syndrome which is typically disregarded in traditional medical settings. The most common treatment for arm pain syndrome is a prescription of painkillers with the suggestion the patient try gentle stretches, but often this is too uncomfortable and can trigger further symptoms.

Chiropractic approaches arm pain syndrome more proactively with the first objective of arm neuropathy treatment being to identify and release the cause of nerve impingement. Ongoing treatment focuses on rebalancing and conditioning the area, as well as the whole upper body, to ensure optimum function.

Arm Pain Treatment

The benefits of arm neuropathy treatment

Chiropractic led arm neuropathy treatment provides arm pain syndrome patients with a level of treatment that offers an immense range of benefits. These include:

  • A drug-free natural approach.

The most typical course of action for arm pain syndrome is the daily ingestion of symptom numbing drugs, which don’t address the cause of the pain. Chiropractic is gentle and allows patients to recover in a drug-free state, with many patients reporting they feel better after their first appointment.

  • Allows patients to regain their range of motion and strength.

Unlike traditional arm neuropathy management, chiropractic led arm neuropathy treatment focuses on first removing the block that is preventing patients from using their body to its fullest. With this nerve impingement gone, patients soon discover they can use their arms as they like, with their strength coming back after participating in gentle reconditioning exercises.

  • A philosophy that strengthens the whole system.

Chiropractic care is a philosophy of treatment that involves the entire body. This means when patients are working toward better arm condition they are also creating a body that is stronger across their entire structure, leading to a better level of health. The system-wide focus of arm neuropathy treatment means any other potential issues will be identified before they arise, leading to better health.

Take charge of your health today

With the cause of your symptoms identified, your expert chiropractor can get your body back into alignment or if required, refer you to a medical professional capable of completing further diagnostics to ensure any other underlying condition you may have is identified and proactively managed.

If you struggle with pins and needles interrupting your quality of life, it is time to consider chiropractic care to help you get back to feeling like your normal self.