Source Point Therapy in West Bloomfield, MI

Source point therapy focuses on correcting energies within the body. Blocked energies can lead to both physical and mental pain making it difficult to live a discomfort-free life.

Source Point Therapy

What are Energies?

In source point therapy a specialist focuses on your individual guardian energies. Guardian energy points give your energies access to circulate through the entire body supporting the immune system.

The specific points of source point therapy focus on restoring balance to your body’s flow, harmony, balance, and order. These four basic principles are vital in promoting a healthy mental and physical body.

Specialists focus on the Crescent Moons, the Golden Point, and the Golden Line throughout source point therapy to repair the energies within your body. All these components make up what your source point therapist will call a “blueprint.”

How does it Work?

Source point therapy locates and releases blocked positive energies along your body’s “blueprint” while releasing negative energies. It promotes healthy communication between your energetic guardian points and lines.

A specialist will first scan your body’s blueprint to find areas that may be blocked and use specialized techniques to return the natural flow. Source point therapy does not always use physical contact, but at times deep or gentle contact may be necessary.

Source Point Therapy

The Sacrum and Source Point Therapy

In source point therapy the sacrum is known as the center of the human body. Physical pain is released by applying various techniques to the sacrum helping to heal chronic diseases and muscular dysfunctions.

Do you feel that your energies are blocked? Source point therapy will help your nervous system for improved wellness and a better quality of life by unblocking stuck energies and promoting a healthy flow.

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