Shoulder Pain Treatment in West Bloomfield, MI

Many Americans suffer from shoulder pain that can be both uncomfortable and debilitating. Shoulder pain usually signals nerve, ligament, muscle or tendon issues making everyday tasks uncomfortable and daunting.

Although your chiropractor will diagnose the exact cause of irritation, shoulder pain can indicate a dislocated shoulder, a frozen shoulder, a sprain, a rotator cuff injury, and tendinitis. Besides the irritation in the shoulder, pain can spread to the neck or the back resulting in increased discomfort. However, professional chiropractic shoulder pain treatment can relieve all types of pain regardless of the cause and severity.

Shoulder Pain

In addition to the intense pain, problems in the shoulder limit ability and movement meaning once simple tasks such as lifting are now difficult and uncomfortable. Without proper treatment, shoulder pain cases could last for years.

If you are suffering from shoulder pain and are looking for a non-invasive, safer alternative to medicine and surgery, let our team bring you both better health and a higher quality of life through chiropractic wellness care.

While some clients notice relief after the first adjustment, other patients require a series of alignment therapy to resolve the shoulder pain permanently. Overall, chiropractic care addresses issues in the nervous system and boosts wellness throughout the body leading to a better quality of life. Why not let us help you by calling today?

Shoulder Pain Treatment

No matter what the individual shoulder concern, your chiropractors at Michigan Chiropractic specialists will be able to examine and diagnose the source of your pain, while also providing professional and tailored shoulder pain treatment to improve your health.

Don’t reach for a short-term relief from medication, visit a chiropractor equipped with the training and knowledge to provide long-term solutions while understanding your medical needs. It’s your life, live it in health, call us today for an appointment.