Semimembranosus Muscle Pain in West Bloomfield, MI

Semimembranosus Muscle Pain

Have you been experiencing semimembranosus muscle pain? If you are looking for someone to help treat your pain in West Bloomfield, you’ve come to the right place! The Michigan Chiropractic Specialists can help ease your pain, create a treatment plan, promote the healing process, and plan to reduce the likelihood of repeat injury.

Semimembranosus Muscle Pain

The semimembranosus muscle is the most medial of the four hamstring muscles. If you experience inner thigh pain, it is most likely due to inflammation, sprain, or a tear of the semimembranosus muscle.

This type of injury frequently occurs during a sporting event or in the event of overtraining. Frequent exercise and heavy weight-bearing, such as through improper lifting techniques, can lead to damage of this muscle.

Muscle Pain

Pain Management

While you wait for the muscle to heal, there are several pain management techniques that we can use to help you handle the pain today. Every case is handled individually, with treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. We look at your overall health rather than just targeting a single condition.

We can provide massage therapy to ease tension and soreness in the muscle. This tactic can promote blood flow to the area, bringing additional healing and relief.

We can help provide effective stretches and corrective exercises you can use on your own to strengthen the surrounding muscles and ease the pain as it occurs. Electric muscle stimulation can target the specific muscle to encourage immediate pain relief and stimulate the healing process.

Healing and Preventing Future Injury

While this muscle can often heal on its own, we provide an assessment to promote increased, effective healing processes. Once this muscle has been damaged, the odds of repeating the injury increase. To help avoid re-injury, we provide advice for proper support during training exercises and other activities.

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