Pregnancy Medication in West Bloomfield, MI


Pregnancy brings many exciting perks, everyone around you becomes supportive and encouraging, friends and family want to discuss your pending bundle of joy, your happiness becomes a priority, food cravings are met and encouraged, and strangers will give up their seats for your comfort.

But that beautiful pregnancy glow sometimes hides the truth; your body is in pain! Head to toe; your still-strong body is going through so many changes that even your bones feel like they hurt. You may have headaches, your neck and shoulder muscles are tense, your hips are tight, your ankles are swollen, and even the bottoms of your feet are tender.

What is a pregnant woman to do to ease the aches and pains?

Pregnancy means you need to avoid or reduce the usage of most pain medications, so your best answer for pregnancy medication is homeopathic support from a licensed chiropractor.

Why am I so uncomfortable during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your body releases the hormone relaxin. Relaxin helps relax your hip girdle so that a baby can pass through comfortably. This hormone doesn’t just work on your hips; relaxin loosens all your ligaments, leading to stiffness and soreness in your joints and muscles.

In addition to hormonal changes, your body takes on more weight. This added weight causes changes in your stance and posture, which can exacerbate the soreness you already feel.

You may also experience changes like sciatica and restless leg syndrome. Both are common during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Medication

How can a chiropractor help?

Whether you are pre or post-party, or even currently pregnant, a chiropractor can help guide everything back in place. You might be taught exercises and stretches to strengthen your body while massage can help ease muscle tension. Everybody is different, and your exact needs will vary.

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