Pinched Nerve Treatment in West Bloomfield, MI

Anyone who has ever experienced a pinched nerve knows just how painful it can be. Worst of all, the things that you may usually do for other types of pain – such as over-the-counter medications – are usually ineffective for the pain that is caused by a pinched nerve.

Nerve pain may not present as an excruciating point of pain, though many times it does occur this way. Pain originating in the nerves may present as a tingle, discomfort, or numbness that originates in the spine or that radiates down an arm or a leg.

Pinched Nerve

Understanding Pinched Nerve Pain and Why It Occurs

A pinched nerve occurs when a nerve is pinched through the application of excessive pressure. This can occur when the bones, muscles, joints, tendons, or cartilage are positioned incorrectly and are pushing along a nerve.

In some cases, such as when you fall asleep on your arm, nerve pain may be quickly fixed by physically repositioning your body. However, in most cases, the pressure on the nerve is internal and cannot be relieved by moving alone. In these cases, pinched nerve treatment may provide a great deal of relief.

Pinched Nerve Remedies

Pinched Nerve Treatment

Treating a pinched nerve can be done through several different methods and techniques.

Among the most effective pinched nerve treatments is chiropractic care. A licensed chiropractor will use their hands to provide manual adjustments to the spine and nerves to improve innervation and relieve misalignments of the spine and nerves for optimal health of the nerves and the entire body by extension.

If your new onset pain is related to a pinched nerve or a misaligned spine, chiropractic care is the single best thing you can do to decrease pain and improve comfort.

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