Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements in West Bloomfield, MI

As health-conscious individuals, most of us recognize that we need to take vitamin or mineral supplements from time to time. This may be because of current diet or environmental restrictions, or because of physical pre-disposition.

There are a host of vitamin and mineral merchants online, at a variety of prices, one needs to ask, are all vitamin supplements equal?

Are All Supplements the Same?

The straight answer is no. The term pharmaceutical grade supplements is not coined by accident. Pharmaceutical grade supplements are those that meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Federal regulations classify any food substance as pharmaceutical, food, or feed (animal), and their standards applied in the certification of each relate to the obvious uses.

Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

Quality Control

Pharmaceutical standards necessitate strict quality control since a problem with manufacturing standards in medications can have critical implications. Applying pharmaceutical grade status to vitamins and minerals is a health standard that is not required by federal regulation since it only applies to medicines. However, many manufacturers certify their product as pharmaceutical grade to ensure that quality standards are the same as those you would have for medications.

Regulation of Supplements

Although supplements are not regulated by the FDA, as they are not part of their directive, non-profit pharmaceutical bodies such as the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) fill the gap, providing testing standards and guarantees for consumers that supplements deliver what they promise.

What is Certified?

It’s great to know that the manufacturer has strict quality control, but what does it mean to a consumer about the quality of the product? To meet U.S. pharmaceutical standards, pharmaceutical grade supplements are certified as 99% pure. That is the binders, and manufacturing agents used must be less than 1% of the composition. Processing requirements must meet the same minimum quality control applied to FDA approved pharmaceuticals. To meet the approval requirements, the manufacturing and content of pharmaceutical grade supplements must be tested and demonstrate compliance with an independent approved body.

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