Muscle Stimulation Chiropractic in West Bloomfield, MI

Muscle stimulation chiropractic is an important therapeutic treatment that releases endorphins and promotes healing. It is available to treat almost every muscle-related condition in healthy individuals.

Muscle Stimulation Chiropractic

How Does Muscle Stimulation Chiropractic Work?

Small electrodes send electronic pulses deep into the affected muscles. Easily removed pads are placed on the clean skin, and your specialist will adjust the level of stimulation to a degree comfortable for you.

The electrodes provoke small rapid muscle contractions releasing endorphins which act as a natural pain reliever.

As a result blood flow is increased and tight muscles are loosened helping you to regain normal range of motion.

Muscle stimulation chiropractic is a painless procedure. It provides a soothing tingling sensation that may be strange to some patients at first but after a few moments will feel therapeutic.

Conditions Treated with Muscle Stimulation Chiropractic

Muscle stimulation chiropractic is one of the first treatments doctors recommend after surgery. Muscles may have a difficult time regaining function after the inactive recovery period. Muscle stimulation will assist these muscles in regaining functionality so you can proceed with the next steps of your recovery program.

This method is beneficial for a multitude of injuries including muscle spasms, pinched nerves, sprains, tendonitis, and arthritis.

It is recommended that patients who are pregnant, use pacemakers, or have some types of skin disease abstain from muscle stimulation chiropractic.

Athletes who have suffered musculoskeletal injuries benefit from repeat muscle stimulation therapy because it improves muscle tone and strength. In combination with our other therapeutic methods like spinal adjustments, massage, and ultrasound we ensure your injury heals in a timely manner.

Muscle stimulation chiropractic helps your nervous system for improved wellness and a better quality of life.