Massage for Sciatica Pain in West Bloomfield, MI,

Are you struggling with sciatica pain? Did you know that up to 40% of people suffer from sciatica in their life? While medication can make the pain go away temporarily, massage for sciatica pain deals with correcting the affected nerves individually.

Is Sciatica Pain Serious?

The longer sciatica pain goes untreated, the more severe it becomes. It starts as mild uncomfortable back pain to a full-blown nerve pain starting from the lumbar all the way down to the big toes.

Sciatic nerves are just about the thickness of a little finger, yet they are the largest in the human body. The nerves branch from your lower back through the buttocks, calf, and finally, end at your foot’s big toe.

Sciatica pain starts when one of the sciatic nerves root starts branching. You will also experience pain if the nerve fibers get irritated. Sciatica pain is experienced in the form of feelings of an electric shock, dull soreness, stabbing pain, tingling, and numbness, to throbbing heat.

Severe attacks can make you unable to stand or walk. Immediately you start experiencing this pain, come to us for medical attention.

How Long Until Full Recovery?

At the clinic, we start by running a few tests to identify the cause of your pain. The massage specialists then work with you to manage the pain and find long-term relief. In the end, we realign your spine and relax your muscles to support the sciatic nerves to full recovery.

Sometimes our patients complain that their pain came out of the blues. This is not true. The problem has been developing for a very long time until you did something to provoke the discomfort.

The recovery period depends on how soon you diagnose the condition and start treatment. Additionally, your recovery will be determined by how well your body reacts to muscle and spine alignment. What are you waiting for? It’s your life, live it in health, call us today for an appointment.