Lower Back Pain Specialist in West Bloomfield, MI

Lower Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most prevalent causes of disability in the world today. In fact, most people will suffer from some form of back pain sometime during their lifetime. If not appropriately treated, back pain can become so severe and cause so much difficulty that standing, sitting, or even walking can become nearly impossible.

Regularly lifting heavy things and poor physical fitness can cause chronic back pain that gets worse over time.

Diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and obesity can also induce back pain.

Treating Back Pain

To treat back pain, a lower back pain specialist may use one of several treatments. At Michigan Chiropractic Specialists, we use chiropractic treatments to ease your pain.

Our treatments include spinal manipulation to bring your spinal cord back into alignment. This realignment of the spinal column helps relieve pain caused by muscles in your back compensating for poor structural stability. It can also free pinched nerves or reduce the pressure on the parts of your back that might be experiencing too much stress from the unbalanced distribution of body weight.

To help your back muscles relax, we might also use hot and cold treatments. These treatments encourage your muscles to release built up tension.

Additionally, if we determine that your back pain is a result of poor nutrition or lifestyle choices, we can assist you in developing a lifestyle plan to correct these issues.

Lower Back Pain

Why You Should Choose Michigan Chiropractic Specialists

At Michigan Chiropractic Specialists, we maintain a skilled team of expert chiropractors and medical professionals. We take special care to correctly diagnose your condition so that we can provide the most effective treatment possible. First-time visitors to our clinic can also redeem a free one-hour massage. This massage can help relieve back pain and soothe your tired back muscles.

Chiropractic helps your nervous system for improved wellness and a better quality of life. Why not let us help you by calling and making an appointment?