Laser Chiropractic Treatment in West Bloomfield, MI

Laser Chiropractic Treatment

Laser chiropractic treatment can be used to heal and treat many different pains and symptoms. Laser treatment offers a quick, cost-effective treatment method for a large variety of conditions and injuries.

What is laser treatment?

Laser treatment offers a painless and non-invasive method for treating both surface and deep ailments. The laser works by sending energy in the form of light waves deep into the skin. These light waves stimulate your immune system and provide anti-inflammatory effects.

What are the benefits of laser treatment?

Laser treatment can improve your metabolism, increase the metabolism rate of your cells, improve blood circulation, promote wound healing, encourage the formation of clots, and reduce pain.

Pain reduction through laser treatment

Laser treatment means quick, painless treatment for conditions on and beneath the skin’s surface. Many patients report pain reduction after the first treatment, although in some cases pain may linger through several treatments.

Even though the laser treatment may encourage pain to subside, it is important to remember that the injury may not be fully healed with the laser treatment. The lack of pain does not always indicate a healed injury, and you should maintain caution while moving and performing daily activities.

How long does laser treatment last?

Laser treatment session times vary depending on the injury to be healed. They can be as short as two minutes or longer than twenty. Treatment times will depend on the condition and size of the area to be covered.

Laser treatment often causes an immediate reduction in pain, but several sessions are usually needed for optimum healing effects. The number of sessions can best be determined after the first session so both the patient and practitioner can determine the effectiveness of treatment. Many patients need several sessions.

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