Knee Pain Chiropractic Treatment in West Bloomfield, MI

We learn to walk, then run, we play, skip, jump, sometimes all at once if we’re sporty types! Unfortunately, because of our very active lives, many of us are likely to suffer knee pain of some sort.

Knee Pain Chiropractor

What are some of the causes of knee pain?

The knee is made up of three bones: the femur, tibia, and patella. The knee is a joint which means there will be friction between the three bones due to movement. Tendons (similar to ligaments) connect muscles to bones and other materials such as cartilage, bursae, and ligaments assist with rotation of the knee joint.

All of these are required to be in good condition to support many movements of the body and support body weight, however, at certain times in people’s lives, one or more of these parts can degenerate. The result causes knee pain.

The severity of knee pain varies according to which part has degenerated. Some deteriorate due to over-extension of the joint, others due to over-rotation or simply through wear and tear over the years.

What remedies or strategies can help overcome knee pain?

In many cases, inflammation is the direct cause of knee pain. Inflammation is caused by the body protecting the damage around the knee joint. A common home-care remedy carries the acronym PRICE (protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation). This helps break the inflammation cycle.

Over-the-counter medications can also help break the inflammation cycle by relieving the pain. Some of these contain strong dosages of painkillers so if you have a problem with bleeding, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure or kidney disease, then please consult your doctor.

Laser Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment for knee pain is a very useful method for dealing with pain and keeping the knees mobile and strong.

Michigan Chiropractic Services treat knee pain professionally, including the use of ultrasound treatment.

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