Hip Pain Massage in West Bloomfield, MI

Pain in the hip can have any number of origins. It is commonly related to the muscles of the hip, though it may also be caused by the bones, tendons, nerves, cartilage, or another portion of the joint. It may be acute or chronic.

Part of why hip pain is so common is that we use our hips in almost all of our daily activities. From walking to the office to running up a hill, from jumping for joy to bending over to pick up a crying child, our hips move us in just about everything that we do. Because we use our hips for so much and so often, it can be difficult to determine what specific activity has caused our hips to be in pain.

Hip Pain

Many people take prescribed or over-the-counter medications to try to self-treat their hip pain. However, these vary in their efficacy, and many people would prefer to try other methods of natural and effective pain management such as hip pain massage.

How to Treat Your Hip Pain

Chiropractic care is an effective therapeutic modality for many types of hip pain that originate in subluxations or slight misalignments of the spine. By realigning the spinal bones using manual manipulation, a chiropractor can relieve acute and chronic hip pain and set you on the path to wellness.

Hip Pain Massage

Hip pain massage is among the most effective treatments for hip pain that is currently known. It works for many of the same reasons that other types of massage are so effective: it helps the muscles to release, the body to relax and provides a mild distraction from pain through providing an enjoyable sensation.

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