Frozen Shoulder Trigger Point Therapy in West Bloomfield, MI

Anyone who suffers from a frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder, knows the frustration of dealing with recurring and disabling pain but with limited treatment options. Because pain makes the movement of your shoulder challenging, the discomfort increases, and you can often feel helpless to stop it.

Frozen Shoulder

What causes frozen shoulder?

Most common in people recovering from surgery, stroke, or physical injuries, frozen shoulder comes on gradually. As tissue around your shoulder “freezes,” it forms scar tissue, restricting your range of motion and causing significant, even debilitating pain. While the frozen shoulder eventually thaws, the pain and reduced motion during freezing periods can cause restrictions to your activities and prevent you from enjoying life.

Medication, physical therapy, and surgery are often recommended to reduce pain and restore motion in your shoulder, but these treatments can continue for months and results are still uncertain. The Michigan Chiropractic Specialists want to help you get results, and with our comprehensive care philosophy with a focus on natural remedies, we want you to feel great again!

The Michigan Chiropractic Specialists philosophy of care

Our specialists offer frozen shoulder trigger point therapy to help you manage your symptoms and get back to living your life again. Our frozen shoulder trigger point therapy attacks the cause of your frozen shoulder by breaking up the scar tissue that has developed in and around your shoulder. By reducing the stiffness in your shoulder, treatment restores motion to your shoulder, allowing you to heal the surrounding tissue through natural movement.

Frozen Shoulder Trigger Point Therapy

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