Failed Spinal Fusion Surgery in West Bloomfield, MI

X-ray Lumbar spine

Spinal fusion surgery is a procedure during which doctors surgically “weld” vertebrae together to create a single bone. It is generally used to alleviate back pain when the surgeon can pinpoint the source of your pain. This may be done through imaging procedures to determine where the fusion should occur. As with any procedure, spinal fusion runs a risk of failure.

Symptoms of Failed Spinal Fusion Surgery

Although a spinal fusion is meant to alleviate back pain, there’s a chance that it may not rid the patient of all the pain. Sometimes the fusion procedure needs to create stability, and it will do that, but may not cure all the pain.

Imaging is used to send data back to the surgeon to assist in placing hardware in the spine correctly. If the hardware is misplaced, it may cause more pain due to the failure of the procedure. In rare cases, the hardware implanted may break, causing fusion failure. Sometimes, due to bone diseases such as degenerative disc disease, fusion of the spine can cause other vertebrae to break down. This also leads to failed spinal fusion surgery because the fusion becomes incomplete.

Failed Spinal Fusion Surgery

Chiropractic Care for Failed Spinal Fusion Surgery

Getting treatment from a trained chiropractor after a failed surgery can ease your pain—physically and mentally. A chiropractor can adjust your posture, teach you stretches and relaxation techniques, and prescribe proper bracing to help align your body.

Chiropractic care is much like physical therapy, and a professional can teach you exercises in the office that you can do at home to help strengthen the muscles surrounding the area that pains you—in this case, your back.

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