Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Remedies in West Bloomfield, MI

Back Surgery Syndrome

What Is Failed Back Surgery Syndrome?

Chronic back pain is debilitating, often preventing everyday activities and affecting the quality of life. When patients are unsuccessful in working with their doctors to treat or correct their back pain, they may choose to move forward with surgery. Surgery is often the last resort for patients experiencing chronic back pain.

While many patients find at least partial relief from their pain through surgery, others find their pain is unchanged or even worse than before their surgery.

This is what is known as failed back surgery syndrome.

What Causes Failed Back Surgery Syndrome?

The reasons for an unsuccessful back surgery vary. The most common reason for failed surgery is a failure to find the true source of pain. Other reasons include stenosis or a more wide-spread problem than was initially anticipated. Scar tissue or an improperly healed surgery site can also cause pain.

Back Surgery Syndrome Remedies

How Can I Find Relief?

Patients should work closely with their surgeons when seeking out remedies for failed back surgery syndrome. This will help prevent treatment that might make the condition worse.

Chiropractic care for failed back surgery syndrome is an excellent method of treating ongoing pain and discomfort. Chiropractic care can restore range of motion, relieve pressure, and reduce pain.

Your treatment options will vary depending on the cause of your continued pain. Flexion-distraction therapy is a common treatment method for failed back syndrome. This method utilizes a specialized table to flex the spine with gentle rocking motions, which creates negative pressure to help align the spinal discs. Proper alignment can relieve pressure on the joints and nerves.

Our chiropractors at Michigan Chiropractic Specialists provide gentle spinal adjustments to help correct alignment and provide pain relief.

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