Facet Joint Syndrome Treatment in West Bloomfield, MI

Let Drs. Adam and Amanda Apfelblat help bring you better health and a better way of life through chiropractic wellness care as a form of facet joint syndrome treatment.

A type of osteoarthritis found in the spine; facet joint syndrome affects your ability to live your life in health.

Facet Joint Syndrome

What Are The Facet Joints?

Facet Joints are the primary reason for your spines’ ability to move. They contain the spinal cord and have layers of cartilage between each joint to absorb shock and allow spinal movement.

Facet Joint Syndrome

When the shock absorbing cartilage between the joints deteriorates facet joint syndrome takes hold. It typically develops in areas of the spine with increased flexibility like the lower back and neck.
Commonly facet joint syndrome is the result of our natural aging process. As the cartilage breaks down production of vital lubricating liquids is reduced inhibiting your spines ability to move.


Facet joint syndrome treatment will alleviate the associated pain resulting from this syndrome. The absence of fully functioning cartilage leads to stiffness in the spine and inflammation.

Pain can radiate from the spine into additional areas like the buttocks and legs. The decrease in spinal mobility also affects your ability to maintain proper posture.

Facet Joint Syndrome Treatments

Chiropractic helps your nervous system for improved wellness and a better quality of life. Spinal adjustments will help you regain proper posture and assist in increasing mobility.

Facet joint syndrome treatments consist of long and short-term treatments. There is no quick fix for facet joint syndrome, so it is important to keep performing physical therapy and range of motion exercises as a part of your long-term rehabilitation.

Short-term care consists of pain reduction therapies including ultrasound and electronic stimulation to reduce swelling and break up scar tissue. Massage will bring pain relief by increasing blood flow to the affected area improving the natural healing process.

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