Facet Joint Syndrome Remedies in West Bloomfield, MI

Facet joints exist between each pair of vertebrae in your spine, allowing it to flex and move. Every time we bend and twist our bodies, we put these joints to work. Moreover, as we age, they naturally start to break down, which can lead to chronic pain and discomfort. We’ve set out some of the facet joint syndrome remedies available to treat this problem, helping to improve your quality of life.

Joint Syndrome


Anti-inflammatory medications can be combined with other treatments to address this condition. This medication reduces inflammation and relieves pain, which enables patients to undergo long-term treatment programs, such as physical therapy. Many combine over-the-counter medications with heating pads or cold compresses to help ease the pain temporarily.

Physical Therapy and Exercise

With the Intention to reduce pain and discomfort, longer-term treatments include physical therapy and exercise. While it may seem unusual to encourage increase movement when moving your back hurts, it improves health and mobility. Experts suggest these treatments to strengthen your core muscles and improve flexibility, which helps reduce the uncomfortable symptoms of facet joint syndrome.

Physical Therapy and Exercise

Lifestyle Changes

To enjoy long-term treatment success, make changes to your lifestyle. One of the benefits of physical therapy and exercise is weight loss. Losing a few extra pounds can reduce the stress and strain on your body. A healthy diet goes a long way in achieving weight loss. Additional steps to optimal health include quitting smoking and reducing alcohol intake.

Be careful; the opposite may be true if an activity is causing damage to your joints. The goal of increasing activity is to strengthen your body, for that reason, we want to avoid movements that affect the body negatively. Here, correct posture plays a role in preventing joint pain. Maintain a good posture throughout the day, and even, overnight while we sleep.

Improved quality of life is something we all deserve, so live it in health.

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