Decompression Massage Therapy in West Bloomfield, MI

Massage therapy dates back thousands of years. It has long been recognized as an effective treatment for stiffness, tension, and pain. Decompression massage therapy works deep in the tissue to relieve pain and promote healing.

The uses of decompression massage therapy, or DMT, are many. DMT can break up scar tissue that causes pain and stiffness. It can promote drainage of the sinuses or other inflamed areas. It can provide release from pain in the neck, shoulders, and back.

Decompression massage therapy is an excellent choice for those looking for spinal decompression treatment. Your chiropractor can provide this treatment.

Decompression Massage Therapy

What Is DMT?

Decompression massage therapy is a technique that utilizes reverse pressure to decompress the areas of concern. The DMT machine uses a range of cup sizes to apply negative pressure. This gentle pulling helps break up fluids, promote drainage of waste, and realign the joints.

This massage therapy is different from traditional massage. It works deep in the tissue to correct problems that are sometimes corrected with surgery. DMT is a great treatment for many conditions.

How Does It Work?

Decompression Massage Therapy

Studies show that decompression massage therapy is an effective treatment for pain in the back, neck, shoulder, and legs. Your chiropractor will typically treat your condition over several visits. Using the DMT machine, you will receive treatments of negative pressure that will break up scar tissue deep in the muscle. This releases pressure and pain. The treatment promotes blood flow to the area, further treating pain and promoting healing. The machine will also use a series of pulses to help realign the affected joints simply and painlessly.

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