Corrective Exercise in West Bloomfield, MI

Most people have a posture that is not optimal for overall health and wellness. Whether you run with your legs in an improper position or sit slouched over on your computer all day, there are special exercises and treatments that can bring you back into proper alignment for optimal health.

Whether you are a sedentary office worker, an active triathlete, or an older adult seeking to preserve muscle strength, quality chiropractor care and work with qualified professionals can help you achieve your wellness goals.

Corrective Exercise

Corrective Exercises for Strength, Balance, and Coordination

Many people have negative postural habits they have developed over a lifetime. For example, it is common for people of a certain age to have a kyphotic or stooped-over spinal position at rest, where the spine curves inwards in a C shape.

Unfortunately, this posture can cause great strain on the bones and muscles of the lower back, resulting in temporary pain or discomfort which can become chronic if not appropriately addressed.

The use of corrective exercises is among the most effective ways to treat incorrect posture and the pain or discomfort that results from it.

How Corrective Exercise Can Help You Live A Better Life

Corrective exercises work to correct for the deficiencies in our posture that occur during everyday life.

For example, we spend most of the day sitting, with our backs in a position bent forward, called flexion. A corrective exercise to remedy this postural deficiency would include any exercises that incorporate the opposite movement, which is spinal flexion.

corrective exercise program

Corrective exercises force our bodies to move in the ways opposite of how they are typically accustomed to moving. This helps keep us balanced regarding muscle strength, as well as improving range of motion and coordination.

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