Contact Reflex Analysis in West Bloomfield, MI

Contact Reflex Analysis

Have you been feeling under the weather lately? Have you discussed your constant fatigue with your health practitioners without getting help that leaves visible signs of improvement? Then it’s time to consider an unconventional natural treatment such as contact reflex analysis that can accurately diagnose the cause of your condition.

Our body contains free-flowing energy that controls the tissues and organs. However, it isn’t unusual for this energy flow to become blocked, which causes you to feel out of balance. So, if you feel out of balance or lag in your daily activities, contact reflex analysis might be a viable solution for you.

Reflex Analysis

How Contact Reflex Analysis Works

Contact reflex analysis works by attempting to detect energy blockages by the way specific muscles react to stimulation. To do this, a chiropractor pushes acupuncture pressure points in the arm while using the other outstretched hand to test for an active reflex. Based on your reaction, a skilled chiropractor can detect when there is an impediment to the normal flow of energy through your body and where it might be.

How Contact Reflex Analysis Helps You

By detecting where energy blockages occur, your chiropractor can recommend any of a range of treatments designed to remove those blockages and restore you to optimal health. These treatments can take the form of in-office therapies such as spinal realignment, spinal traction, or massage. They can also be lifestyle recommendations, such as dietary changes and exercise plans, that modify your behavior to foster improvements to your health and well-being.

Get Contact Reflex Analysis

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