Colicky Baby Treatment in West Bloomfield, MI

A baby with colic can cry for hours on end with no explanation. Parents often become exhausted, frustrated, and emotional as they deal with the constant cries of their newborn. While all babies cry, there are a few things that can clue in a parent as to whether their baby has colic.

  • Piercing cries
  • Tight stomach muscles during the crying bouts
  • Clenched fists
  • Crying bouts that start at the same time every night

Colic generally starts at a few weeks old and can last several months. Parents with colicky babies might find themselves walking their babies all through the night.

Colicky Baby

What Causes Colic?

Doctors don’t yet know what causes colic. There have been theories over the years such as digestive issues, pain, and sensory issues. Because of this, well-meaning friends and family might suggest gas drops, pain reliever, or soothing walks. However, many parents have found that none of these particularly helped their colicky baby.

Colicky Baby Treatments

While typical over the counter methods offer little if any relief, there is another option. The idea of taking your colicky baby to a chiropractor for treatments might seem crazy. However, chiropractors are trained in the gentle care of newborns. In fact, studies show that colicky babies who received chiropractic treatments responded twice as well as babies who were given gas drops for their colic.

Chiropractors use gentle pressure on the infant’s back to release tight joints. This pressure releases tension restores movement and relieves discomfort that can be causing the baby pain. This realignment also aides the body’s digestive, nervous, and immune systems.

Colicky Baby Treatment

Let Chiropractic Care Work For You

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