Chiropractor for Leg Pain in West Bloomfield, MI

Leg pain can easily interrupt our everyday activities. But did you know you a chiropractor can ease the pain and help you quickly return to your daily activities?

Chiropractor for Leg Pain

Causes of Leg Pain

The most common cause of leg pain is injury to the leg. But leg pain can be caused by many other issues. Restless leg syndrome and muscle cramps, for example, can cause intense pain in your leg. Other causes are sport’s injuries such as shin splints, runner’s knee, repetitive strain injury, muscle imbalance, and a muscle tear.

You could also have a stress fracture if you have leg pain, or tendonitis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, gout, or sciatica. Peripheral artery disease and infection also cause for leg pain, so it is important to see a doctor and determine the cause of your leg pain. Even back problems and varicose veins can cause leg pain.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Seeing a chiropractor for leg pain can help you by significantly reducing the amount of pain in your leg, no matter where the pain in your leg is. Upper leg? Lower leg? The entire leg? Both legs? It doesn’t matter.

We can help you by providing a chiropractic adjustment. These adjustments reduce joint restrictions and misalignments that you may have. This helps reduce inflammation as well as help the joints, nerves, and the nervous system function properly.

Benefits of seeing a chiropractor for leg pain are improved flexibility, decreased pain and inflammation, improved range of motion, and increased muscle strength.

We can also discuss daily supplements, and we provide nutritional counseling to help eliminate cramps and relieve restless leg syndrome. Massage therapy can help with sports injuries and issues like osteoarthritis, to bring you relief from your leg pain and help improve your flexibility.