Chiropractic Treatment for Pulled Hamstring in West
Bloomfield, MI

Chiropractic Treatment for Pulled Hamstring

Hamstring muscles are made up of three muscles along the back of the thigh; they are responsible for bending the knee. Typically, sports injuries cause pulled hamstrings, but they can happen to anyone. Chiropractic treatment for pulled hamstrings is a beneficial way to strengthen not only the hamstrings but also the surrounding muscles.

Causes of pulled hamstrings

  • A pulled hamstring may be caused by wearing poor footwear. The shoes may not provide support, which can weaken muscles. When muscles around the area become weak, it places stress on the hamstrings.
  • The hamstring muscles may have an imbalance with other thigh muscles and gluteal muscles.
  • Improper stretching, overstretching, and sudden movements may pull hamstrings.
  • Some athletes are more susceptible than others, basketball players, tennis players, and dancers are a few examples.
  • Age may also be a factor as groin, and hip problems can affect surrounding muscles, putting more strain on hamstrings.
    Chiropractic Treatment

Pulled hamstring symptoms

Pain running along the back of your thigh while feeling as though you need to stretch is a common symptom of a pulled hamstring. Pain can also affect walking and may spread to the lower back and knees.

Dealing with pulled hamstrings makes everyday life painful, even doing simple tasks. Participating in any physical activity after a pulled hamstring can cause significant discomfort.

Occasionally a “popping” sound is heard when the muscle is damaged. Pulled hamstring pain is experienced immediately. Swelling and muscle spasms can happen afterward, and the area may bruise.

How chiropractic care helps pulled hamstrings

Strengthening muscles around the hamstring by stretching and specific workouts geared toward recovery can help. The stretching and exercises should continue after the pulled hamstring is healed to prevent a future re-injury.

Spinal adjustments to the lower spine may decrease extra pressure placed on the hamstrings; alleviating that pressure helps the hamstrings heal. Through careful deep tissue massages, blood flow will increase, which also speeds the healing process.

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