BPPV Causes and Treatment in West Bloomfield, MI


BPPV Causes

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), also known simply as vertigo, is a condition marked by dizziness or feeling as if the world is spinning. However, dizziness is not the only characteristic of BPPV. People who live with

BPPV might also experience ringing in their ears, nausea, double vision, and loss of hearing.

BPPV affects everyone differently. Some people may experience BPPV more heavily than others. The adverse reaction to the condition can get so severe that they have difficulty going about their day-to-day activities.

Luckily, there is a solution for BPPV through chiropractic treatment. Let’s take a look at BPPV causes and treatment to understand better how chiropractic care is a good option.

BPPV Causes

Two types of BPPV can occur. One occurs due to central issues, while peripheral problems cause the other. The central cause gets its name from issues relating to the spinal cord or brain (the central nervous system), while the peripheral cause refers to problems that occur within the inner ear.

If there is a misalignment of the spinal cord or other body parts in the area surrounding the central nervous system, then the effects of central BPPV arise. Similarly, if there is inflammation in the inner ear or if fluid builds up in the ear, patients can suffer from peripheral BPPV as a result.

BPPV Treatment

There are lots of options for treating BPPV. Patients can choose from different types of medication to combat the effects of BPPV. However, one method of treatment that works just as well as medicine is the use of chiropractic treatment.

When you visit a chiropractic clinic, your chiropractor evaluates the cause of your BPPV and proceed to a solution based on your needs. This could involve realigning vertebrae or using the Epley Maneuver. These techniques help bring the body back into alignment to eliminate the cause of central BPPV.

To address peripheral BPPV, your chiropractor may recommend alternative treatments such as homeopathy or bioresonance therapy. These can help address chemical or electrical imbalances in your body to bring it into optimal condition to heal itself.

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