Birth Trauma Therapy in West Bloomfield, MI

More babies than we realize experience spinal misalignment or trauma during the birthing process. These conditions sometimes go completely unnoticed. They might include spinal, and nerve damage joints out of line, or a mispositioning of the organs. This trauma is due to the twisting and squeezing that happens naturally as the baby comes through the birth canal.

While we may believe it’s normal and will fix itself with time, this isn’t necessarily true. Birth trauma conditions are shown to follow a child throughout childhood, and even into adulthood. These conditions can cause discomfort, digestive problems, and other issues in infancy such as colic or stunted development. Babies with trauma may not have full use of their hips, back, or neck muscles resulting in improper head growth and muscle development.

Birth Trauma Therapy

What Causes Birth Trauma?

Extraction aids such as the vacuum or even forceps are a known cause of birth trauma. While it might be necessary to use these methods in order to avoid a cesarean section or other issues during labor, they can cause an unnatural twisting of the infant during birth. Another cause of birth trauma includes a long labor and delivery.

A Proven Effective Treatment

Studies have proven that chiropractic treatment is an effective option for parents of infants seeking birth trauma therapy. These treatments can successfully realign the infant, resulting in a complete reversal of the negative effects of birth trauma.

Birth Trauma

How Does It Work?

Misalignment of the body is a common culprit in poor development. It is also known to cause blockages for the normal functioning of the body. As the body becomes properly aligned, development can continue as needed. The blockages can be cleared so the nervous, digestive, and immune systems can resume normal bodily function.

Let Chiropractic Care Work For You

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